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13 reasons why Saison 1 Episode 1

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Having read the book two years ago that this series is based off, I can't really make any huge comparisons to the book because I gave away my copy like a year ago. That's not to say I didn't like the book - I did - but just letting you know, if you want a book reader's perspective, you're not really gonna get it, besides what I vaguely remember.That being said, "Tape 1, Side A" is a very good beginning to this series. It sets up all the characters extremely well, and gives us just enough to make us wonder what's going to happen in future episodes. We open with the narration of our main dead girl - Hannah Baker, who is played excellently by Katherine Langford - and Clay Jensen, Hannah's friend who eventually gets the tapes and starts the whole story.The first tape is all about Justin Foley, the first guy that Hannah dated when she moved to her new town. At first, it seems like a very sweet romance. Justin isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, but he's likable and charms Hannah almost immediately. Then, he takes a picture - a very incriminating picture - of Hannah, that he leaks to his fellow classmates. This is the first major offense against Hannah, among the many we'll see throughout the show.Meanwhile, Clay starts to try and find out more information about both Hannah's life and her death, and gets stalked by Tony, from whom he stole the Walkman so he could listen to the tapes, who's motivations aren't clear yet. We also get introductions to some characters who become more important later - Hannah's parents, Mr. Porter, etc.I really liked this episode, not just because of the great acting from everyone around, but because the writing felt authentic. I could see me and my friends having similar conversations. Also, the music was particularly well chosen ("Mess is Mine" is a favorite), and the various ways of showing things like Clay wanting Hannah to be back at school (there are many shots in which you think Clay is looking at Hannah, but really, he's just looking where she was) or for example differentiating between past and present (Past has a more warmer hue to it, and Clay eventually gets a head injury that makes it easier to tell apart.)The one issue I have is that it does feel like it takes a bit too long for Clay to actually start listening to the full tape, but that's not a huge issue. So, yeah. This episode is pretty great for setting up and believable and interesting new world for this show to explore. Bring it on, 13 Reasons Why.+The acting+Soundtrack+Well-written dialogue+Unique stylistic choices-It feels a little drawn out9.4/10.

Producteur: 2016

réalisateur: Selena Gomez

Genre: 13 Reasons Why Saison 1

13 reasons why Saison 1 Episode 1

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