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2010: moby dick

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This take on the classic literary masterpiece Moby-Dick does not deserve to be even mentioned in the same sentence. Herman Melville is turning in his grave right now. Just about the only thing that's related to the book are the names of the characters. The story is set in a present day submarine, features some of the worst acting imaginable, grade school quality production, and just about the worst script.And the worst part about it is that it takes itself seriously. I am sure it will quickly make it's way to IMDb's bottom 100. I am just happy I didn't waste any money on this pile of crap.

Producteur: 2010

réalisateur: Barry Bostwick, Renée O'Connor, Matt Lagan, Adam Grimes

Acteur(s): Trey Stokes

Genre: Non classé

2010: moby dick

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