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supergirl Saison 2 Episode 1

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Putting aside all of season 1 (which I wasn't a fan of at all), I actually found myself getting excited for this season of Supergirl. The show made its way to the CW and the rest of the Arrowverse, so I think it's plausible to think that the show will be better. While the episode still has its issues, I had some fun with the premiere.Bringing Superman into the fold was smart, but it's also very dangerous. I don't want to feel like this show needs to depend on him to hold my interest, but giving a few episodes to regain my faith was probably the best move this show could have made. Tyler Hoechlin's certainly brought a different vibe than Henry Cavill, and it fit the tone of the show. This iteration is much more in the vein of Smallville or the 90's series than it is of Man of Steel. Don't get me wrong I love that movie to death, but it's nice to see the good ol' happy-go-lucky Supes that everyone loves. What his larger role will be? I'm not entirely sure, but it's looking good.Having Superman and Supergirl team up in the field meant amping up the action and effects, and they did just that. For what they are, the CW shows usually have some solid CG, and this episode showcased that. I really enjoyed the action and if they keep that up, I don't think this show will lose me a second time.The show also introduced a few comic book characters, including Lena Luthor, another Kryptonian, and Metallo. I don't know how well this show will tackle Metallo, but he's a great character, especially from the animated series' back in the day. The jury is still out on him, but I'm definitely down for having Lena Luthor having a big role this season. We didn't get to see too much, but I thought Katie McGrath did a nice job of giving her character depth without giving too much away at the same time. As for Kara's episode arc, I didn't find myself too invested. I don't care at all about James' relationship with her, or lack thereof, and I'm still not sold on bringing Cat Grant back into the fold. She wasn't as annoying as season 1 Cat, but that's not saying all that much. Hopefully the show keeps both of these plot points to a minimum. I'm far more interested in the relationship between Martian Manhunter/Superman/ and Supergirl. As for now, I'll still tune in.+Manhunter/Supes+Action/CG+Batman references+Lena-Why are relationship issues still a focus?-Cat was watchable7.7/10

Producteur: 2016

réalisateur: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan

Acteur(s): Glen Winter

Genre: Supergirl Saison 2

supergirl Saison 2 Episode 1

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