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supergirl Saison 2 Episode 13

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I feared that a Supergirl episode centered on Mr. Mxyzptlk's attempts to win over Kara's heart would take the show back to the problems that plagued the first season. And while the episode did have redeemable qualities, it felt a little too much like a soap opera for my liking.Much like Cupid on the past few seasons of Arrow, Mxyzptlk was used specifically for Valentine's Day and so that there could be tension between Mon-El and Kara. Out of all the relationship material, this was the most immature and unnatural. At first, I was accepting of these two as a potential couple, but the more it's explored on the show makes me less and less interested. Did we really need Mon-El to be jealous of Mxyzptlk's magic? How ridiculous is it to think Mon-El was more worried about impressing Kara than stopping the 5th dimensional magician's tricks? I won't stand for that type of nonsense. On the other-hand, I thought the Sanvers relationship was a big highlight this week. Not as cheesy or as melodramatic as Kara and Mon, the writers have found something with these two. Alex and Maggie are great on screen together. They made what should have been another clichéd problem (Maggie hating V-day when Alex loves it), a sweet and touching arc for the two of them. The revelation that Maggie's parents are actually not accepting at all of her sexuality added plenty of depth to her, and Floriana Lima did a nice job with those scenes.The idea of "not forcing love" on someone was a main theme of the episode, but it also felt very meta in the sense that the writers sometimes tried to force a relationship on the audience. For the most part, Mxyzptlk's presence was a nice change of pace for this season, as I can't deny the actor Peter Gadiot was pretty charming and charismatic. But I tend to hate V-day themed TV episodes to begin with, so it was an uphill battle. As a side note, Winn has an alien girlfriend now? Come on. Overall, it wasn't as bad as I thought and it had its moments. Now hopefully we can get back to the main story thread next week and get rid of these one-off episodes centered on romance.+Sanvers+Gadiot had some charm-Getting tired of Kara & Mon already-No, not Winn7.4/10

Producteur: 2017

réalisateur: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan

Acteur(s): Stefan Pleszczynski

Genre: Supergirl Saison 2

supergirl Saison 2 Episode 13

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