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supergirl Saison 2 Episode 15

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Here's an episode that should have concreted into the series itself. The issues of immigration, illegal aliens, refugees, fake news and what's wrong with all of it - is the largest source of conversation we have this year. This was a MUST SEE for viewers and the problem being; it's only this episode.Immigration should have laid out the entire season for this show. It's current, it's on-point, and (above all) the topic of interest. Supergirl could have transitioned from its dull high school-like drama into something EVERYONE CAN RELATE TO ...Think of Marvel comics mutant issues and how it relates to real world racism. DC had an opportunity to grasp this same concept and they crammed it into one episode.Sad.Secondly, the current state of yellow journalism and the way mainstream U.S. media adapted to sensationalist click-bait; It was a great idea to have CATCO take a stand against superficial thought with zero research. I WISH news organizations were listening to Ian Gomez's character explaining the results of irresponsible reporting.Active Blogging; Influential bloggers today are driven by emotion, and writers will position their opinions bluntly without any balance. It's basically parroting the voices of a lot of people and it's borderline exploitation. It's appeasing to the masses for profit and/or attention. I'm grateful this episode brought that scrutiny to the audience.I'm NOT looking forward to the next episode where Supergirl learns Mon-El is actually royalty. I love that Kevin Sorbo & Teri Hatcher are on board for this show, but (again) it's falling back to the same teen-angst drama that ruined vampires. You don't need to rely on such sexist tropes to appeal with young women. Frankly it's killing their ratings.

Producteur: 2017

réalisateur: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan

Acteur(s): Michael A. Allowitz

Genre: Supergirl Saison 2

supergirl Saison 2 Episode 15

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