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supergirl Saison 2 Episode 16

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I think the prince thing was never a surprise for a lot of people, but the way they pulled it off was just... puzzling. But regardless, this was one of my faves so far.So Mon-El is son of Lar Gand and Rhea. Which is confusingly interesting because isn't Lar Gand supposed to be Mon-El's real name?? But then I've let past one big confusion long time ago when Mon introduced himself as Mon-El and Kara didn't even question why he shares the same surname. I just simply assumed this show is aiming teens and kids and mainstream viewers who don't really care about the 'little things'.I get that they wanted to twist Mon's history with the Els by making him the love interest for Kara, but I think it's time to tone it down. The chemistry is amazing and of course they're rumored to be dating in real life, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people who are fans of Mon-El in the comics or people like me who secretly hoping Mon-El is a nod for LoSH in Berlantiverse, are frustrated seeing his arc in the show. Yes I get it, they're together, put it as a background and start to work on what his role is in the team. That way the haters can relax a bit and get their Supes back. Yes I also get it, he's in a hero journey, and a journey isn't always cool and badass, but I feel like the writers are secretly hating him...(1). The scene in the star ship when Mon says to his dad, "I can't stay, I'm also a hero, well trying to be.." is like the worst line ever. They could've gone with, "I can't stay. I still have to achieve being hero with Kara's help..." still cheesy but better. If the writers hate this character so much, why brought him in at the first place? They cast Chris Wood for God's sake. He killed it as Kai in Vampire Diaries, but here, I feel bad for him sometimes. But then, I guess that's why they cast him for this bland character, and the lousy writing. Cos not many people can work on that and still make it entertaining, and damn, Wood can sell anything. (2). Mon said to Kara that being a hero means he gets to spend every single day with Kara, but then later said to his parents that he wants to stay because he wants to be a better person and do good??? But you know, maybe he thought about it on the way before being beamed into the ship.So this episode has shown how much Mon has grown from the first time we knew him, and that's good. I might be wrong, but if they really intend to replace Jimmy with Mon, they have to make Mon seems a lot more worthy for a start. Here's an idea, make him runs the alien bar. That'd be interesting to watch. A couple scenes of Kara comes to visit him at lunch time from work (because we all know she's going to get her job back) would be nice. That way this show can send another message of being good in what you do no matter what it is. Being reporter or scientist or law enforcement seem to be a thing in DC but it's kinda getting old. And starting a career as a bartender and then runs the bar while also occasionally puts on a cape and fight crime can be refreshing, right? Just saying.And now the good things: (1). Rhea's chat with Kara. Perfect. Teri Hatcher nailed it. Gorgeous, intimidating, snarky. She gracefully silenced Kara with truth. It's like she can read Kara's mind; (2). The moment when Mon tells his parents that he doesn't want to go with them. It was strongly delivered, very convincing. Well done, Mr. Wood. (3). There were few things didn't really add up with the whole Winn & Lyra thing. But it's cool to see Winn stands up for her and goes in the field to pull off his plan. And the plan works. (4). Guardian tried to beat Mandrax, but failed. It's fun. He wasn't the one who saved the day anymore. It's good to see a hero fails once in a while. (5). The whole Winn's interrogation scenes was very entertaining. (6). The little gimmicks: Winn's line "Yes it is great that Picasso is intergalacticly adored"; Mon jumps up the railing was really cool. He's been doing it a couple times in the show and it looks effortless, I love it; Kara's "superfriends" scene with Winn & James. So, for sure it wasn't awful. Lots of cool scenes made up for the few bad scenes. I'm looking forward to Mon's development in next episode. Hopefully they'll do him better.

Producteur: 2017

réalisateur: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan

Acteur(s): John Medlen

Genre: Supergirl Saison 2

supergirl Saison 2 Episode 16

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