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supergirl Saison 2 Episode 2

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This to me was Supergirl at its finest. Having her fly around with Supes, beat up bad guys, and smile while doing it fits the tone that this show originally seemed it promised. I don't care about soap opera romances or an unusually quirky boss. This episode seemed to push aside those brutal aspects of the show for a much more entertaining action-adventure. I'm in.With that said, this episode didn't really live up to the hype of having Metallo as the big bad. Metallo is someone who I remember giving the entire Justice League their troubles and having an intriguing backstory. This Metallo felt like the definition of a CW throwaway villain. That just can't happen, especially when this character could be set up for a full season arc. More care definitely needs to be taken when writing this cyborg.Luckily, Metallo was my only major gripe with this episode. It's undeniably fun watching two Kryptonians portrayed as partners in crime, rather than Supes having the majority of the say over things. It's also nice to see that their relationship is far from contentious, and more in the vein of a brother-sister vibe. That's especially refreshing coming from the CW brand.I won't pretend to ever be a fan of Cat Grant, but it does seem like the show gave her a heartfelt exit plan. I'm rather glad she's leaving (for now), but I can acknowledge that the writing for her in this episode is by far the best they've done in that department in the series' run. I also enjoyed the addition of the new boss, Snapper Carr. I worry the show may take him in a similar direction to Grant, but I get a completely different vibe from his and Kara's dynamic. Plus, I was glad someone called her out on her lack of experience.Lastly, I thought the show handled the conflict quite well between Kara and her sister, and then Superman with Hank. It was very CW- ish to have their conflicts resolved in the field with each one helping the other and 'saving the day', but I felt it was earned this time. And that was one bada** fight sequence, even if Metallo was a pretty weak villain.+Double team up's+Superman/Supergirl partnership+New boss, no Cat-Metallo was pretty awful8.0/10

Producteur: 2017

réalisateur: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan

Genre: Supergirl Saison 2

supergirl Saison 2 Episode 2

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