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supergirl Saison 2 Episode 8

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The Crossover begins. Or I guess, it sort of started, considering Flash and Cisco appeared at the very end of the episode. Luckily, I didn't really expect there to be much crossover at all tonight as Supergirl is on a different earth entirely.With that said, this episode was actually quite good on its own. In fact, it felt much more like a midseason finale episode than it did the first part of a 4 night crossover. It almost begs the question whether this episode would have been better served leading us into the long 4-6 week break we expect with CW shows. Cadmus and Cyborg Superman made another big play, the romances flourished, heck even the entire alien population was threatened.I feel like this show is finally starting to do well in the villain department. Calling him Cyborg Superman is one of the show's stupidest ideas, but Harewood's performance continues to carry that character through some rough scenes. I'm also opening up to Lillian Luthor's presence, or rather, her and Lena's relationship going forward. Not only was I cheering when it was revealed that Lena double crossed her own mother, but I'm fascinated with what could be a very interesting dynamic for the rest of the season. Will Lena stay on Kara's side? Or will she ultimately stay true to her villainous family roots and work with Cadmus?It was thanksgiving this week and the Danvers family welcomed Eliza back for a meal and some help at the DEO. This gave Alex a chance to open up to her mother about being gay. I really liked how the writers handled those scenes. It was a lot less clumsy than the scenes written a few weeks back with Kara, as well as having some heartwarming touches to it as well. I also thought the scenes between Alex and Maggie were written nicely. At this point, I embrace how cheesy this show is. But I feel like this season it's a lot easier to get invested in the characters who are saying these cheesy lines. So I can acknowledge that both the "Sanvers" relationship and Kara and Mon-El's are made for teenagers, but it's cute enough to pass my test. I think that if I wasn't watching this show regularly, these romances would turn me off, but instead I'm invested.Finally, Flash made his long-awaited appearance in Kara's apartment. It was quite humorous seeing the portal appear several times throughout the episode only to finally succeed within the last two minutes of the show. But I didn't necessarily need him to appear any earlier. A nice parallel arc between Lena and Kara, nice romances, and solid action was all I needed. Looking forward to tomorrow night.+Sanvers+Nice episode without a ton of crossover+Lena double cross+Cadmus is becoming a more intriguing presence8.7/10

Producteur: 2016

réalisateur: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan

Acteur(s): Stefan Pleszczynski

Genre: Supergirl Saison 2

supergirl Saison 2 Episode 8

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