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the last kingdom Saison 1 Episode 5

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With the imminent attack from the Vikings, young Odda removes Mildrith and baby Uhtred to safety, the weather is in favour of the Saxons with many Danes victim to foul weather. King Alfred once again shows his tactical skills, he plans to attack Guthrum, leaving Odda to attack Ubba. Odda meets with Ubba, talks fail as no truce is found, he is goaded by Uhtred. Uhtred devises a plan and takes Odda into his confidence, to set fire to Viking ships, cause confusion and attack. Young Odda tries to talk his father into withdrawal, leaving Uhtred to his fate. Uhtred succeeds in setting fire to the vessels, but is spotted and challenged to a fight to the death by Ubba. The vikings are beaten, with Odda severely wounded his son claims the King's praise for the victory, leaving Uhtred incensed with the injustice, he and Aethelwold are humiliated in front of the locals and King. Fuelled with rage Uhtred and Mildrith leave Wessex, but not before talking with Leofric about breaking free of Wessex in order to take wealth.One of the best things I've watched for a long time, this episode literally left me speechless, it was outstanding from start to finish. I will admit to being devastated that Rune Temte is now out of it, but the duel between Uhtred and Ubba was spellbinding. Dreymon as always was spot on.I've felt in some of the earlier episodes, David Dawson has been allowed to steal many of the best scenes, but here every single person is given chance to shine, I've mentioned how awesome Rune Temte was, but I thought Adrian Bower was awesome as Leofric, best yet, Simon Kunz and Brian Vernel too, fantastic....Harry McEntire though as Aethelwold, he was just great, some welcome humour to what had been a bleak episode.I had to watch it twice, it was that good. Brilliant. 10/10

Producteur: 2015

réalisateur: Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Adrian Bower, Rune Temte

Acteur(s): Ben Chanan

Genre: The Last Kingdom Saison 1

the last kingdom Saison 1 Episode 5

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