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the last kingdom Saison 1 Episode 6

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Uhtred is still reeling from Odda's betrayal, his marriage with Mildrith is decidedly prickly. Odda has announced plans to build a Church on the site of Ubba's death, complete with a golden altar. Uhtred, Leofric and a team set off to Cornwall for wealth, with Aethelwold tagging along. Uhtred agrees to take on a job for King Peredur, to free his fortress from Saxon Pillagers for 400 pieces of Silver, and his beautiful Shadown Queen Iseult. Peredur has lied and the aggressors are Danes not Saxons, led by War Lord Skorpa. For the mutual gain Uhtred's renegades join with the Danes and slaughter Peredur and his army. These events are all witnessed Brother Asser who reports his discoveries to King Alfred. Uhtred returns to Winchester with his new woman Iseult, but is charged with his crimes, Leophric intervenes and offers a fight to the death for justice.Excellent once again, the events of Odda's betrayal and his humiliation have truly set Uhtred off the rails. He's become a much darker, more care free and wild character, some of his actions in this episode seemed quite shocking and at odds with his previous behaviour, but he is a man scorned.Paul Ritter was very good, and almost unrecognisable as King Pededur, such a small role for someone so great, but it's what I've come to expect from the show. Jonas Malmsjö was awesome as Skorpa, what a brilliant performance from him.The battle scene was incredibly well done, it looked very realistic, incredibly well shot, the blue skies made it look even better. The scenes in the Witan Council (King's Court) were tremendous, credit to all concerned it was an outstanding moment, Brian Vernel (Young Odda) was truly brilliant.Excellent episode again! 9/10

Producteur: 2015

réalisateur: Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Adrian Bower, Harry McEntire

Acteur(s): Ben Chanan

Genre: The Last Kingdom Saison 1

the last kingdom Saison 1 Episode 6

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