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vikings Saison 4 Episode 13

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20 episode per season is the reason why this show have had some lame and slow episodes. I feared they did a grave mistake, but this episode might be a good sign on the way back. A lot of things finally happened. Twisted plots, important events, much drama, etc.. good episode! Hope they are going to make more episodes like this one in the future.What is going to come will be interesting too see. But if they can keep this up, its going to be good. If you ask me, they should by all means just try to put focus on making things happened, and not be afraid of making things go to fast. Its better that things in the sense of happenings, happen to fast, rather than too slow.

Producteur: 2016

réalisateur: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Gustaf SkarsgÃ¥rd

Genre: Vikings Saison 4

vikings Saison 4 Episode 13

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