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you me her Saison 1 Episode 7

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I'm not sure why I checked out this episode. By the 6th Bewitched-ish episode, it was pretty clear that this series is pointless and goes no where.Thank God for the FF button that helped me watch this in 13 minutes instead of 26. (By the way I'm not sure but I think the first episodes was around 40-42. Another indication this thing goes nowhere.)So, in this episode the romance is over. The whole point was just having a ...threesome. Nothing to write home about nowadays. And the guy who is into Izzy he slept with her roommate. So no real romance there either. And ..oh what a coincidence.. when the couple were talking about Izzy, the bewitched daughter across the street was in a very convenient distance to overhear the conversation and ...blackmail them to help elect her president (?) or something of her class.Jokes? No. Any kind of humor? No. A noble hero fighting for romance. No. Everyone screws whoever. Has this show a statement about modern relationships? Far from it. Is it interesting? What will happen with the poor escort who felt in Love (?) with the couple? Of course not, are you kidding me? Any serious plot arc? No. And with whom? The bewitched mother and daughter?Overall: This show really sucks. It's difficult to find it in the first place. No one really cares as you can see from IMDb board. After 7 episodes nothing can be seeing in the horizon as a plot (except if you wonder about the blackmailing of the daughter). Most basically the show isn't sexy at all. At least the (lamers) producers could have invest more in that department and make it at least bearable.

Producteur: 2016

réalisateur: Nicole Anthony, Rachel Blanchard, Priscilla Faia, Jarod Joseph

Acteur(s): Nisha Ganatra

Genre: You Me Her Saison 1

you me her Saison 1 Episode 7

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